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Answering Inquiries on an Tablet or Mobile View

Managing Inquiries on a Cell Phone or Tablet Screen

Yes! You can respond to your HereStays inquiries directly from your mobile phone or Tablet. This makes hosting from anywhere in the world a breeze.

In your Host Dashboard:

  • Navigate to the Inquiries tab
  • You will see a rectangle section on the phone that contains the inquiries list
  • Tip: Rotate your phone to see the full list better from a horizontal point of view

From the inquiries list:

  • Place your finger on the screen (inside that list box) and scroll right to see the Inquiry Details button
  • Press the Inquiry Details button to see the message details and respond to the traveler inside your dashboard

Answering Inquiries

Once you navigate past the Inquiry Details button the message content will pop up. Here you can answer the inquiry within the dashboard or take the email address and traveler details and answer in your own PMS or business email address. Whatever is easiest for you and your team! We feel our hosts know the best way to convert an inquiry into a booking.

Tips for Answering Inquiries on Mobile and Tablet devices

  • Keep templates handy of your standard responses saved in the notes section of your device. This makes it easy to copy and paste it into the dashboard for replies. Edit to personalize for each response as needed.
  • Always answer inquiries promptly, 1 to 4 hours max. Remember most guests are inquiring about more than one property. Your goal is to beat your competition.
  • Share points about the best features of your property
  • Share the top 2 - 3 FAQs asked by your travelers (ie: how close is the beach, restaurants, common attractions)
  • Share your best benefits of booking directly (ie: extra offers like golf cart included, concierge service, etc..)
  • Share cancellation policies
  • Share payment details
  • Always share a simple call to action on the next steps the guests needs to take to secure the reservation

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