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Account Settings

Your personal data is important to us. We use it in order for you, as a user of our service or website- whether this be on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets; desktop computers at home with an internet connection.

Booking Fees

The HereStays platform is designed with the goal of reducing traveler fees, and we don't charge any extra costs for renters who book through our site. This means that when you use this service instead of other booking platforms like HomeAway or Airbnb - which can add hundreds to your vacation expenses- there will be no additional price difference between Our Service vs Them!

Cancelations and Refunds

Each host has their own cancelation policy posted in the property listing. If you have questions regarding a particular host or group's policies, please contact them directly for information on how they handle late cancellations and if there are any restrictions that may apply to your trip due to illness/injury before booking anything!

During Stay

When you book your stay with a host or manager, rest assured that they will take good care of everything. If something does go wrong during their tenancy (e-g., if the air conditioning breaks), simply call them up and let them know what happened so it can be resolved as quickly and professionally possible!


HereStays is an online advertising venue that allows vacation rental hosts/managers to advertise their rentals and helps potential renters find a suitable property. To rent, contact the host directly using information provided within each listing

HereStays works to validate ownership and management for each listing. But you should use the common steps for shopping online to ensure that your booking is validated, that includes: To protect your money, always use a secure certified platform to exchange it for reservations such as credit card processors or PayPal. 


Narrow down your choices by searching for a specific location and dates. You can also filter properties based on amenities that are important to you, like proximity or price range - then send an inquiry directly from each listing page!

It is possible that the homeowner or property manager doesn't have their calendar updated, you can send an inquiry to find more information. 

Owner Verification

HereStays is committed to ensuring that every listing on our website has been verified by an owner. When you book your stay with HereStays, they will ensure the documentation provided supports this claim and verifies it through third-party resources such as public government documents or other non-Here stays sources like Airbnb's own system for verifying hosts before activating listings on our site 
If there are any doubts about whether someone might be misleading customers through fraudulent activity (i..e if somebody claims they have 100% approval rating but doesn't actually exist), then please contact us at


HereStays does not collect payment. We recommend that you pay your host through a secure payment platform where they have recourse in case anything goes wrong, such as using Credit Cards or Paypal for Business transactions (not friends and family). Of course hosts are free to ask about another form if payments but we don't think it's worth risking safety when visiting someone new just because there was an unhappy experience before with another type!

Quote Calculator

Quote for Rentals provides you with an estimate of what it might cost to rent a property, based on information provided by the host. Quote for Rentals does not investigate or verify any rental rates and accepts no responsibility if prices are inaccurate; users must confirm all details directly with their hosts prior to booking."

There's no need to pay more than you have too! HereStays has verified hosts and managers who will offer travelers the lowest price, guaranteed.

Travel Insurance

Protect Your Trip - Consider Purchasing Travel Insurance

Many travelers purchase insurance to cover their trips. If you have a covered reason such as illness or injury, this can protect the investment in your vacation rental and other expenditures made for travels related expenses like airfare; it may also provide partial reimbursement of those costs not fully covered by personal finances when traveling outside one's own country (to another nation).

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