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Update Your Host Profile

Updating Your HereStays Profile

  • You can manage all areas of your profile in the Host Dashboard
  • Billing Information
  • Personal Details
  • Physical Mailing Details
  • Company Details
  • Here's How!
  • From the Host Dashboard, select Profile
  • Update your information in each section listed above
  • Remember to SAVE each section!

Host Profile Details

  • Your name and if provided company name, with your photo will show on the listing pages for prospective guests
  • For your photo it can be of you, or your logo and should be 300x300

Billing Information

  • Be sure to keep your payment method current to enable subscription renewals

Mailing Information 

  • Provide the property address - the HereStays Team uses this in the verification process
  • Provide your mailing address

Company Information

  • If you provide company information this will show on the listing pages for guest, rather than your Host information

Additional Email Notification Information

  • This will allow you to add a second email address that will be used for inquiry notifications
  • Set up in the Listings are of your Dashboard
  • Go to the listing you wish to update
  • Select Details
  • On the General Info section, use the Secondary Notification Email section to add a new email address
  • Remember to SAVE

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