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How to Manage Your Listing Availability

There are two ways to manage your calendar on HereStays to ensure that you are providing the most accurate information to prospective guest. First, you can manually add reservations that you book by adding them to the HereStays calendar for your listing, thereby blocking out the dates and preventing double bookings. If you use this process it is important to promptly add all bookings received elsewhere to the HereStays calendar.

The other option is using an iCal link from either your PMS or Channel Manager. This will ensure automated updating of the HereStays calandar in real time to keep all bookings current and show the true availability of your calendar to prospective guests. 

How to Manually Manage your HereStays Calendar

  • From the Host Dashboard go to the listing you would like to update
  • Select Availability from the left navigation menu
  • Select on the calendar the day of check in and drag to the day of check out, selecting all the dates of the booking
  • You can add the booking details in the new window
  • Remember to SAVE

How to Connect your iCal to Sync to HereStays

  • If you are using a PMS, Channel Manager, Vrbo, Airbnb or other platforms, you will be provided and iCal URL in the Admin area of the platform.
  • Copy the url from the platform that is your primary calandar for the listing, this ensures that all bookings will be synced to the same calandar on any of the places you are marketing your listing.
  • Reminder: Each listing has a unique iCal URL, so if you have more than one listing you will need to add the URL for each specific listing to HereStays.
  • On your HereStays Host Dashboard select the listing you want to sync
  • Select Availability from the left navigation menu
  • Add the link to the field "iCal URL"
  • Remember to SAVE
  • You can refresh this link using the Refresh button, and this pushes a sync right away
  • Although you can add up to 3 iCal links, it's best practice to only use one, and that URL should be the 'master' calendar that you are using across all other booking platforms.

Tips to Manage Calendars on Several Platforms

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