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How to Avoid Traveler Chargebacks

Traveler-related chargebacks

Many guests visit rentals and treat them as their own homes. If you encounter a bad seed, it's always a good idea to be prepared and protect yourself as a host against any potential damage and chargebacks. It is the hosts responsibility to carefully screen their guests for all traveler inquiries and bookings that come through HereStays. We suggest having a process in place that screens your guests with a minimum of ID verification procedures. 

Fortunately chargebacks are not a common act we see from travelers and luckily credit card networks have built-in protections to prevent these types of fraudulent behaviors. However, it's important to remember the outcome of a dispute can never be guaranteed as these credit card networks own the final decision.

One of the best ways to prevent traveler chargebacks situations is to take steps to address any concerns before a chargeback is initiated. Put yourself in the travelers shoes and understand their perspective. You can ask yourself: Would I feel misled in this situation and expect a refund? 

Tips for Hosts to Prevent Chargebacks 

  • Use third-party software like Superhog or Safely to go the extra step in protecting yourself and your home
  • Have clear House Rules and Cancellation Policies for all guests to visibly see on your listings and in the home.
  • Always have an accurate portrayal of your property on the listing including update photos, descriptions, and amenities.
  • Never place a guest in a vacation rental they didn't reserve. If an unfortunate situation arises where the booked property is not available and you need to relocate the guest, make sure it is discussed well in advance and you have written consent.
  • Consistently review the patent status for each payment in your payment processor
  • You can minimize risks in the booking process by requiring them to submit a photo ID with a pre check-in form. 
  • Rental agreements are also a great way to have a legally binding agreement with your guests that reduces your vulnerability to fraud, damage, and unwanted guest behavior. You can collect these with e-signatures before the stay.
  • Run a background checks
  • Always be alert and proactive. Quickly respond to guest issues and answer all concerns promptly before anything is escalated into a dispute
  • If a chargeback is with the credit card network, respond quickly using factual information like providing your house rules and cancellations policies. These networks give very little time so it is important for you to proceed with urgency. All evidence should be collected and provided to your dispute claim.
  • Document all conversation in writing with the guests before, during and after the stay. Everything agreed upon should be confirmed and documented in writing, including any partial or full refunds.
  • If a discussion happens face to face or via phone calls, protect yourself by creating a summary that is shared with the guest and documented.

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